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Top 3 Reasons Your Product Description Sucks

Most product descriptions suck, especially when they’re written by marketing people who have never sold anything. Here are the three major reasons that product descriptions suck, along with examples of how to write ones that don’t.

1. You’re Telling the Wrong Story

Every good story has a hero, a goal, and supporting characters. In product descriptions that suck, your firm is the hero, your goal is making a sale, and your customer is a supporting character who helps or hinders you.

In effective product descriptions, the customer is the hero, the goal is what the customer wants to accomplish, and your firm is a supporting character who helps that customer achieve that goal.

Before: “Designonline provides the leading cloud-based software for creating, sharing, and tracking design specifications. With Designonline, engineers can easily transform static content such as schematics and technical documents into voice-enriched design presentations that can be accessed anytime, on-demand.”

After: “Your engineering group is dispersed among different facilities located in different countries. With Designonline, engineers can communicate more easily, anywhere and anytime, using both the written and spoken word. Research shows that your engineering team can create designs 25 percent faster using our tools.”

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