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Ottawa tech agency helps nations develop digitally

For nearly a decade now, a small agency in Ottawa has been reaching out in a big way to many nations. They are working to get their young people using technology and making a difference where they live.

The founder of Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT) thinks the concept is ready for a big expansion.

Technology 101 exists in many nations courtesy of DOT. The teachers are young interns working with DOT, teaching others in their community the basics of technology and how it can be used to create economic development.

“I see the change that is happening in people’s lives,” said Nadine Umuhire, one of those interns based in Kigali, Rwanda. “I am excited about this program, I have people coming to me to ask for advice.”

Umuhire is a graduate of a technology course which she uses everyday. She was joined by Violette Uwamutara, the country supervisor.

Uwamutara attended Carleton University in Ottawa before returning to her homeland and getting involved with DOT. She said in a year they have trained 1,600 people.

Most of the other aid programs in Africa take too long to show results, but not with DOT,” she said. “In a month you begin to see results and that is very welcome.”

The founder of DOT is Janet Longmore. After nearly 10 years she said DOT has had over 2,500 people working for them in 11 nations, training tens of thousands of people.

Now operating on a budget of $10 million and growing sponsorship support, they are seeing demand grow.

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