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Ottawa firm’s technology to guide future space station resupply missions

A small Ottawa-based firm will continue to provide technology that plays a key role in restocking the International Space Station (ISS) after signing a contract with a private spacecraft maker that will be ferrying supplies to the orbital outpost starting next year.

Ottawa-based Neptec Design Group will provide its TriDAR rendezvous and docking sensors to Dulles, Va.-based Orbital Space Science Corp.’s Cygnus spacecraft, the firm revealed July 21. The deal comes after Neptec’s sensor, which acts an auto-pilot for spacecraft when they need to meet up with and dock to another vessel, completed its third successful test on NASA’s final space shuttle mission, STS-135, aboard Space Shuttle Atlantis.

The contract is proof Neptec can sell its space-faring technology to clients other than NASA, according to Mike Kearns, vice-president of space exploration at Neptec. “It’s extremely gratifying to sign a contract with a commercial company for the TriDAR to fulfill the task it was designed for.”

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