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Gridiron enters the cloud market

Ottawa’s Gridiron Software has received an estimated $5 million in new funding to help the company begin marketing a product targeted at cloud computing.

This newly emerging market features networked computers that use the Internet to deliver software, storage and other technologies, as needed, in the form of a service.

Udo Eberlein, chief executive of the firm, said the money will also allow the company to complete the development of software that will let businesses track, audit, manage and instantly update files stored on cloud servers.

Gridiron is headquartered in Ottawa but has a small marketing and sales team working from an office in California. The firm was founded in 2001. The privately held firm designs and develops data management systems and automated business intelligence software for clients in the entertainment industry.

The company’s newly announced round of funding was completed by existing investors from the U.S. and Canada.

Eberlein said as more employees bring personal dewvices such as iPads and BlackBerry phones into the workplace, that businesses will have a harder time keeping track of documents and related revisions. Making backups of files that are altered on personal devices will also be necessary.

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