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Canadian Startup Shopify Crowned ‘Canada’s Smartest Company’

Profit Magazine has crowned Shopify with a remarkable title: Canada’s Smartest Company.

The Ottawa-based software company has zoomed from insignificant startup to full-fledged powerhouse not unlike how a Ferrari goes from zero to 60. Now with 142 employees and 40,000 clients selling $600 million worth of product in 90 countries, Shopify is positively killing it.

“Shopify was one of the first companies to recognize that more and more small businesses are moving sales online and need an easy-to-use and inexpensive platform to do so,” says Boris Wertz of Vancouver’s Version One Ventures. “Being an early entrant in this space helped them initially, but they also are the company that has executed the best. They build great product, pursue aggressive sales strategies and are extremely metrics-driven.”

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What Colors Mean Across 10 Cultures

Colors are probably the most obvious way that design varies across cultures (a theme that came up in our interview with Frog Design about designing for China). But the funny thing is that for most designers and companies, those color sensibilities often don’t rise past “Red is lucky in China; blue is soothing in the West.” That’s naive, as this superb infographic by David McCandless and Always With Honor shows.

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