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Majority of small and medium businesses underestimate consequences of a security breach

Despite a seemingly unending stream of media stories on the increase of online data security breaches, recent research on behalf of global security company Trend Micro reveals that while the majority (68%) of Canada’s small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) believe a threat exists to the security of businesses’ online information, most are complacent about their companies IT safeguards, and tend to underestimate the consequences of an Internet security breach.

Conducted by Environics Research, the 2011 Trend Micro Canada SME Survey, a first for Trend Micro in Canada, shows SME views are equally divided about whether the threat arises from companies not taking the necessary precautions to protect their data (38%) or because existing software does not provide effective protection (33%). The remaining businesses surveyed say both are equally responsible, or are unsure.

According to the survey, which focused on small and medium sized businesses understanding and awareness of IT security both in and out of the cloud, there is not yet widespread awareness of cloud computing. The limited number of Canadian SMEs who have adopted cloud computing were driven by a desire to spend less time and money on IT infrastructure.

“Technology companies need to continuously help businesses owners understand that Internet security is more than an insurance policy to protect important business and consumer information. Insurance helps your business after something goes wrong but choosing good security software protects your business data before something happens,” said Ian Gordon, Trend Micro Canada’s marketing and channel chief.

Mr. Gordon also offered his top three recommendations to small business owners considering using the cloud. SMEs and their IT people should consider three things to determine how cloud computing can help their business:

  1. Peer experience: Investigate how other businesses like yours are benefiting from the cloud – organizations are gaining substantial benefits and you don’t want to be at a disadvantage.
  2. Smart investment: Look for solutions that don’t require an upfront investment in hardware just to run the solution. Security and other applications that run in the cloud are very cost effective for many small businesses and reduce management requirements and costs.
  3. Security #1: When using cloud technology, ensure your business data is safe. Security, online storage, and many applications run in the cloud, and you need to be confident your provider is ensuring the safety of your valuable information.

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